West Columbia/ Irmo/ Cayce Displays

West Columbia

Hallsborough Drive (Brookdale Subdivision)

So many houses with light displays! Make sure to drive all around the neighborhood. They definitely have the spirit!


Dove Trace Road (Dove Trace Subdivision)

Definitely work going to take a look; there's a house set to music, as well.


Fox Crossing Road (Fox Crossing Subdivision)

Best houses are in the back, make sure to go see those!


Harrington Court

A couple of houses, but they are amazing!


Lake Shire Drive (Hamlet West Subdivision)

One of the best houses of the year, plus a lot of great displays! Make sure to check out the houses on Cornish Way, also



 Shirway Road (off of Two Notch Road)

There are about 10 houses with Christmas light displays along this mile of the road. Make sure to check out the side roads off of Shirway: Dusty Ct has a good house, Kings Way has a good house near the back and Robin Woods Drive has a handful of houses with displays also.



4325 Platt Springs Road

A beautiful display overlooking a pond. 




Westover Acres

The neighborhood has all of its Christmas trees illuminated and there are some great displays. Check out 2445 Robin Crest Drive, West Columbia, which has a giant illuminated "Merry Christmas" lawn display, blow mold Santa & reindeer, a giant lighted twinkling wreath and LOTS of colored lights.



Langsdale Road (Brittany II Subdivision)

There are a few houses in this neighborhood in the Christmas spirit! 


Rolling Rock Road (The Rapids Subdivision)

You need to drive to the back of the neighborhood to see most of the light displays.


Weeping Cherry Lane (Hillcreek Subdivision)

Stay on Weeping Cherry Lane and go to the back- there are 3-4 houses close together that's nice!


Marway Court (Riverwalk Subdivision)

This house is set to music- it is quite the display!



Hearthwood Circle (Chelsa Park)

There are a good many houses in this neighborhood with light displays, as one in particular has a miniature Star Wars light battle scene.


Stonemont Drive (Stonemont Subdivision)

There are a few house in neighbor with lights, as well as a display of Christmas lights that dance to music broadcasted to the radio on Stonemont Drive.


Valcour Road (off of Piney Grove Road near Irmo)

Come sit a while and enjoy the lights set to music in which you can tune your radio to, and there are singing Christmas trees! 


Nursery Hill Road (off of Nursery Road near Irmo)

There are about 6 houses with good light displays along this road.


Stillwater Drive and Shadowood Drive (off of Nursery Hill Road near Irmo)

There are several houses with lights, however, the house on Stillwater Drive has some in the air- which gives a great illusion. Go check it out!


Finsbury Road (off of St Andrews Road) 

This yard has so many lights and inflatables! It will take a few minutes to take it all in. 



Fork Ave (off of Depotford Rd) 

There are a couple of houses near Irmo Middle School that really have the Christmas spirit! 


Rushing Winds Drive (off of St. Andrews Road or Columbiana/Broad River Road)

Go check out this great house set to music!


Ashford Subdivision (off of Shady Grove Road)

First off, this neighborhood is huge. With that being said, turn on your GPS so you don't get turned around- which is easy to do! This neighborhood is filled with so many great displays! Ones to look for:

The house on the corner of Misty Glen Circle and Misty Glen Ct has a lot of lights!

There is a house on Krider Ct that is synched to music; however, you will need to roll down your windows to hear it. It's a good display!

Harlan Court is very nice!

Make sure to take Hollingshed Creek Blvd to see the house on the corner and it will connect to the very back of the neighborhood (assuming you came in from the entrance closer to I-26, like we did), which also has great light displays.

There is just so much Christmas spirit in the neighborhood, it's a must see!



Chadsworth Drive & Wadsworth Drive (off Glenn Street) in Cayce

There are about 12 houses on these streets  with good light displays! Worth checking out!



Cayce City Hall

Thousands of twinkling lights! The kids will love it! The display is up until Dec 31, each night starting at 6pm.