Thank you for visiting our site! We have a lot more people following our site and Facebook page, so welcome! 

We hope that this page will be a resource for you and your family to find the best Christmas light displays so you can spend time with your family seeing all the beautiful lights and enjoy all the hard work so many have put into their displays!

We have added more and more light displays as many of you have sent us emails and messages letting us know when you have found a good display! We are only 2 people and definitely need everyone's help! Please keeping sending us emails! You are helping make the site better for everyone!

We will be marching in the West Metro Parade of Lights this coming Saturday, Dec 13 @ 5:30pm so come out and see all the lights!

With all the new additions to our site, we may be adding more routes to help those have a plan as they go around looking at lights. 

We hope you are enjoying all the lights!